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Part of Ham Radio is public service, including providing communications support for events. As part of that work, I will often build GPS data files for events where I volunteer, and share them with others through this web site.

As an event approaches, you can check here for GPS files for the event. They are usually posted a week in advance, but can appear a few days to a month ahead of time.

Courses get changed for many reasons, so the files can be updated any time before the event.  Check back often for the most current files. Also, please read the About GPS Files and Event Support page from time to time.

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YOU are responsible!

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Courses and conditions can change. You are reminded to use the cue sheets, route markers and other data provided by event sponsors as the primary authority for route directions, etc. They are the official word and will supercede any data provided here.

The the information on this site is provided "AS-IS" and without recourse.  Event sponsors may reference this data as a courtesy, but such reference shall not constitute an endorsement of this website or the content contained herein.  Neither the author(s), the website owner, any organization or event sponsor nor anyone referencing this website or its content shall be held responsible or liable in any way for any direct or indirect consequences, damages or injuries resulting from the use of this data under any circumstances. Anyone using this content does so at their own risk with no recourse whatsoever.

While much effort is spent on developing these files and resources, there is no guarantee of accuracy of the data. Changing conditions often result in changes and updates to courses, maps, cue sheets and other data.  These changes can be made at any time before (and sometimes during ) an event. These changes may not get into the files that are available from this website.

Remember, you are walking, running, cycling or driving on public streets and do so with the same responsibilities and risks as if you were doing so on your own. It is your responsibility to know what you are doing, where you are going, and what is happening around you!

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